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Tru Medical Management

Satya Polavarapu, MD

Fetal Testing and Diagnosis Specialist in East Williamsburg and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Satya Polavarapu

Satya Polavarapu, MD, is a highly skilled provider at Tru Medical Management, located in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in maternal fetal medicine. With a focus on advanced ultrasound diagnosis, fetal testing, and comprehensive management of maternal and fetal complications during pregnancy, Dr. Polavarapu offers exceptional care to expectant mothers and their babies.

As a maternal fetal medicine subspecialist, Dr. Polavarapu's practice is dedicated to addressing a wide spectrum of medical, surgical, obstetrical, fetal, and genetic complexities associated with pregnancy. She emphasizes personalized care and fosters a collaborative partnership with expecting mothers, guiding them through any potential high-risk conditions they or their child may encounter.

With a deep commitment to maternal and fetal well-being, Dr. Polavarapu provides preconception counseling, consultative services, advanced ultrasound diagnostics, fetal testing, and procedures such as amniocentesis. Her expertise extends to managing conditions such as ultrasound-diagnosed fetal abnormalities, fetal echocardiography, diabetes in pregnancy, preterm birth, and preeclampsia.

Dr. Polavarapu's compassionate approach to high-risk pregnancies ensures mothers receive comprehensive support and evidence-based consultations, offering reassurance during what can be a challenging and emotionally charged time. 

Her dedication to excellence in maternal-fetal medicine underscores her commitment to providing the highest standard of care to mothers and their unborn children.