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Physical Exams

Adult Primary Care located in East Williamsburg and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Physical Exams services offered in East Williamsburg and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Physical exams are a quick preventive health measure that can provide valuable insights regarding your general well-being. Tru Medical Management, an adult primary care practice with two locations in the Navy Hill and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York, provides physical exams for all patients. The team also offers respiratory screenings using spirometry. Whether you’re new to the area, need to establish care, or have simply been putting your health on the back burner, Tru Medical Management can help. Call either office or use the online booking tool to request your consultation today.

What are physical exams?

Physical exams provide the opportunity to check in with your overall health. During a physical exam, you can address previous health problems, update vaccinations, ask your doctor questions, and, if necessary, obtain prescription medication.


Tru Medical Management tailors physical exams to each patient’s unique health needs. If you haven’t been feeling well or experiencing unusual symptoms, schedule a visit.

Are physical exams different for women and men?

Physical exams follow the same basic structure. However, people have specific health needs based on their reproductive organs.

Women’s physical

Women’s health physicals include pelvic and breast exams. Tru Medical Management examines your cervix, ovaries, uterus, and vulva. They also offer Pap smears, a preventive screening measure used to determine cervical cancer risk.


During a breast exam, they feel for any abnormal growths or bumps. They inspect your nipples, the area under your armpits, and lymph nodes.

Men’s physical

For men’s physicals, Tru Medical Management examines your testicles and penis and performs a hernia check, the infamous “turn your head and cough” test.


A digital rectal exam (DRE) is recommended if you have a family history of prostate cancer or are over 50 years. DRE involves your provider sticking a gloved finger into your rectum and feeling around for potentially cancerous growths.

What other tests might be performed during physical exams?

Tru Medical Management might perform additional tests during physical exams. These include:


Spirometry is a standard medical procedure that tests how well your lungs work. The test measures how much you inhale and how quickly you exhale. In addition to diagnosing respiratory health problems, spirometry helps monitor your lungs' condition. It’s used to document a treatment's success (or failure).


Your doctor might recommend spirometry if you have asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema.

Blood analysis

Your doctor might request blood analysis and additional diagnostic tests. At Tru Medical Management, diagnostic and laboratory services are offered in one convenient location for your convenience, including Rapid, PCR, and Antibody Covid-19 testing.

What should I bring to physical exams?

Tru Medical Management encourages you to have your medical records transferred before your first appointment if you're a new patient.


On the day of your appointment, please try to arrive 10 minutes early and bring a list of any prescription medications or supplements you’re taking.


Has it been a year or more since your last physical exam? Call the Tru Medical Management office to schedule, or book online today.